Meet The Captains

Get to know the captains in our special series “I’m The Captain Now”

  • I’m The Captain Now: The 1st Lady of “Too Many Captains”, Mindy
    Our most popular interview show is back again and under Johnny Dangerous’s spell is a woman who deserves more credit than she gets, The Professor’s Wife, Mindy. What sort of goodies does she reveal? Listen and find out.
  • I’m The Captain Now: Mrs. Money, Kristy
    Ahoy Shipmates, The Captains have another episode of our very popular segment, “I’m The Captain Now”. On this weeks episode, Our Executive Producer, “Money” Chris has brought forth his very own wife, Kristy to lay on the altar of Johnny Dangerous’ Interrogation. Enjoy this fun episode.
  • I’m The Captain Now: Finally….Historian & Wildcard – Johnny Dangerous

    You’ve waited patiently as Captain after Captain, Guest after Guest has submitted to Johnny Dangerous’ will and inquisitorial nature. Finally, after months of waiting…Johnny Dangerous has the spotlight shun brightly in his face and gives one of the most fun interviews we have ever done.

  • I’m The Captain Now: MattyG – The Master of Tuneage
    On this special episode, Johnny Dangerous straps MattyG to a chair and interrogates him like none other before him. What will be revealed?
  • I’m The Captain Now: Special Honorary Guest Captain, Paul
    In this extra special I’m The Captain Now, Johnny Dangerous interrogates friend of the show, Paul. From one of the ballsiest First Date Power Moves to his Coulrophobia, get to know Paul in one of the FUNNIEST episodes we have EVER recorded.
  • I’m The Captain Now: Sound Engineer, Matt
    On this episode of “I’m The Captain Now!!”, Johnny Dangerous interviews Sound Engineer, Producer and Brother in Law, Matt. We assure you….there are some unique movie loves in this episode that will leave you in awe and shake your head in confusion.
  • I’m The Captain Now: Special Honorary Guest Captain, Jill
    On this episode, Wildcard Johnny Dangerous interviews the lady with the R2D2 Handbag & friend of the show, Jill. What will her movie tastes comprise of? Listen and see.
  • I’m The Captain Now – Executive Producer “Money” Chris
    In this episode, Johnny Dangerous grills our Executive Producer about his movie watching and movie loves. What will you learn about him? Click and find out. A part of it even warms the heart.
  • I’m The Captain Now – The Professor
    On this unique episode, our Historian & Wildcard, Johnny Dangerous interviews one of the Captains. On todays episode, is the host of the show, The Professor. What will we learn about his movie watching tastes and habits? Tune in for this fun episode.